Digital Hardware Design by Benajmin Abramov


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          Training, Design & Support with VHDL/Verilog



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EDA Tools quick guide

o   Download VHDL course presentation

o   ModelSim

o   Download Advanced VHDL course presentation

o   Modelsim Commands Short Guide

o   Computer Engineering page

o   ISE & Spartan III

o   Quartus II Quick Start


o   Debugging with Signal Tap

User Guides

o   Altera DE2 user manual

o   VHDL Short Command Summary (exams format)

o   Verilog Coding Guidelines

o   VHDL Design Methodology


o   HDL Coding Style Guide

o   Generator of synthesizable CRC functions

o   VHDL Handbook

o   VGA Timing Calculator

o   Self-Learning Page

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Design examples and templates

o   Emacs - the best VHDL text editor

o   Download VHDL examples sources

o   Download Evita (Aldec VHDL Tutorial)

o   Random package

o   Accellera Open Verification Library

o   Generic random generator RTL

o   VHDL online -> references examples and utilities

o   Recursive components usage

o   VHDL online Tutorial: Learn by Example

o   Generic FEC with Hamming code

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o   VGA template

o   Roto-Zoom Project

o   Quartus compilation Script

o   ModelSim simulation with Altera primitives

o   ModelSim Simulation Template Script (*.do file)

VHDL laboratory works

Examinations and Solutions

o   Lab 1

o   Exam 2009 Spring A Solution

o   Lab 2

o   Exam 2009 Spring B Solution

o   Lab 3

o   Exam 2009 Fall A Solution

o   Lab 4

o   Exam 2009 Fall B Solution

o   Lab 5

o   Exam 2010 Spring A Solution

o   Lab 6

o   Exam 2010 Spring B Solution

o   Lab 7

o   Exam 2010 Summer A Solution

o   Lab 8

o   Exam 2010 Summer B Solution

o   Lab 9

o   Exam 2010 Fall A Solution

o   Labs requirements

o   Exam 2010 Fall B Solution

o   Lab 3 - Quartus compilation guide & script


Active HDL Tool

My Friends Sites

o   Introduction to Simulation with Aldec Active HDL

o   Ronen Poltek- VHDL and more


Student's projects: